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About Martha

Greetings! As the owner and sole artist at La Bellissima, I am privileged to welcome you to my website and to have the opportunity to tell you a little bit about myself and my values as a permanent makeup artist and master eyelash artist.

For most of my adult life, I have been an educator. I received my doctorate in 1994 from PSU. After my children finished middle school, I decided to "reinvent" myself, so I did a complete 180 and went to beauty school. Having received my esthetics and cosmetology licenses, I opened La Bellissima and began offering hair services, facials, professional makeup, spray tanning, waxing, and eyelash extensions. The eyelash extension portion of my business really took off, especially after I became certified in Russian volume lash extensions. Eventually earning five separate certifications in eyelash extensions, I decided to limit my offerings to lash and brow services only. Around 2014, a new enhancement for eyebrows called "Sleek Brows" began sweeping through Europe. No sooner did I become certified in Sleek Brows than yet another eyebrow enhancement started to become all the rage in Asia and then Eastern & Western Europe: microblading.

When I researched this new phenomenon, I learned that in Oregon, one had to become a full-on tattoo artist in order to do microblading.  This requires 360 hours of tattoo schooling, instruction in the handling of bloodborne pathogens, and first aid & CPR training - unheard of in other states, especially nearby Washington (where I am also a licenses tattoo artist). After mulling it over, I decided to take the plunge and started cosmetic tattoo school in 2016. There is only one type of tattoo license in Oregon, so it didn't matter for licensing purposes whether I studied artistic or cosmetic tattoo, but the latter seemed to make the most sense. I learned eyeliner and lip tattoo, as well as the standard powder brow tattoo. I also spent a little bit of time studying medical tattoo, such as areola repigmentation for breast cancer patients - and it's my goal to offer those services in the future; I just need to complete work on some models. After becoming certified in CPR and first aid, as well as the handling of bloodborne pathogens. I finally became a licensed tattoo artist in June 2017. While I was in tattoo school, I began studying microblading with the world-renowned PhiBrows Academy and became certified as Portland's first official PhiBrows Artist.

The reason I chose PhiBrows was twofold: I really like the way PhiBrows artists create the hairstrokes in a microbladed brow; the stroke pattern is very natural, using shorter strokes that look much more like actual hairs than what I see in other work. In addition, unlike most other microblading and even eyelash extension programs that award a certificate just for attending a 1- to 3-day course, PhiBrows requires each and every artist to submit their work for evaluation by their master instructor, or even by the Academy's founder, Master Branko Babic. I have been so pleased with PhiAcademy, that I also enrolled in and graduated from their manual shading course (PhiShading).


Here is a list of my current certifications:

  1. PhiBrows microblading

  2. PhiShading (manual shading)

  3. Phi Perfection

  4. NPM Areola repigmentation (in process)

  5. Brows by Linnie

  6. Academy-S Advanced Liner, Brows & Lips (in process)

  7. Beauty Angels Silver Advanced Microblade & Shade

  8. Li-Ft Removal

  9. Needle & Prick

  10. Wedge & Wing Eyeliner

  11. Lavish Lashes Classic Lash Extension Technique

  12. Hilaree Brand, My Brand Lashes, Volume Training Course

  13. Irina Levchuk, Lash & Brow Design Academy, Russian Volume Extension Technique

  14. Nataliya Morozova, Luxury Lashes, Moscow, Russia, Luxury Russian Volume Extensions
  15. Nadia Afanaseva, Eye Design Ⓡ New York, 4 Techniques of Russian Volume

  16. Barbicide COVID-19 Certification

  17. Milady Infection Control Certification

  18. Bloodborne Pathogen Handling

  19. CPR & First Aid

Professional Memberships:

  • American Eyelash Association

  • Society of Permanent Cosmetics Professionals

  • American Academy of Micropigmentation

  • Better Business Bureau (invited A+ member)

I also run two online educational forums and am working on creating a certificate-level academy in permanent makeup theory.

Although I had initially wanted to limit my new service offerings at La Bellissima to permanent makeup, there continued to be demand for my lash services.  I still value the reputation I have built in Portland as a master eyelash artist and, as a four-time recipient of the Best of Portland Eyelash & Eyebrow Artistry award, I am proud of the work I have done and continue to do.  I am certified in classic & Russian volume eyelash extensions by 5 different international certifying masters and am a founding member of the American Eyelash Association, a finalist for Lash Magazine, Inc.'s Lash Artist of the Year (in two separate categories), and a contributor to the same publication.

La Bellissima's Master Artist, Martha Bianco, Ph.D., is a licensed tattoo artist, cosmetologist, and esthetician, certified in all forms of cosmetic tattoo, microblading, manual shading, eyelash extensions, and other brow and lash enhancements. Dr. Bianco's microblading and manual shading certifications are through PhiBrows, a world-renowned leader in manual and machine-based cosmetic tattoo and anti-aging treatments, as well as permanent makeup for other areas, such as lips and eyes. She has advanced microblading and shading training from Beauty Angels Academy, as well as other advanced certificates from GirlzInk, NPM, Academy-S, Linne Pham, and multiple certificates in advanced eyelash extensions. She received her doctorate from PSU in 1994 and is a four-time recipient of the Best of Portland Beauty Salon & Eyelash Artistry award, as well as an accredited A+ member of the Better Business Bureau. Also a member of the Society of Permanent Cosmetic Proessionals, the American Micropigentation Academy, and the American Eyelash Association, Dr. Bianco is also certified in bloodborne pathgen handling, Barbicide COVID-19 Certiication, Milady Infection Control Certification, CPR & first aid.

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All of my work is grounded in these principles that have guided my business since the beginning:

  • Commitment to health, hygiene, and universal standards of sterilization

  • Careful, individualized consultation & client education

    • I take the whole client into consideration as an individual, with an assessment of all facial features

  • Commitment to clients, manifested in my not assigning clients to apprentices; I see all clients myself

  • Perfection of craft & continuing education

  • Highest quality of tools and products used in service

  • Honesty & integrity

  • Commitment to serving members of traditionally underserved communities

  • Belief that anyone can receive the services I offer, no matter their natural brows, lashes, eye shape, or lips

  • Welcoming of anyone & everyone, regardless of:

    • race

    • creed

    • political affiliation

    • language

    • country of origin

    • gender

    • sexual identification & orientation

    • body type

    • abilities

    • age (18+ for most services)

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